Somez history begins in 1984 From the beginning, SOMEZ had three objectives: exploring around the globe to offer several types of natural zeolites to meet as many needs; study the exceptional physical and chemical properties of these minerals by maintaining a constant effort in R & D and develop innovative applications using zeolites.
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SOMEZ exhibiting at FIHAV Cuba

SOMEZ will be present at the Havana International Fair from 2 to 7 November 2015 (33rd edition), on the French […]

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SOMEZ has accompanied Mr. President Francois Hollande during his trip to Cuba.

SOMEZ has the privilege to go with Mr. Hollande, in May 2015, during its movements in Cuba and Haiti. We were […]

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Hydrogaïa – May 27th and 28th

SOMEZ renews its participation in the International Water Exhibition on May, 27th and 28th 2015, at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre. We […]

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Conception & développement par Eoxia