SILIZ BIO® Request Information

®Siliz Bio is a zeolite specially selected for water purification in natural pools, natural swimming pools and wastewater biofiltration systems. ®Siliz Bio comes in various sizes for filters and gravitational filtration and pools bottom.

The bluish gray color of ®Siliz Bio and the smooth aspect add a nice decorative element to effective properties of the filter media.

®Siliz Bio has three stages in the biological treatment:

  • Fixing waste

Thanks to its high cation exchange capacity, ®Siliz Bio adsorbs many undesirable or toxic molecules in water and firstly ammonium.

®Siliz Bio fights against the development of micro algae and filamentous algae.

  • Bacterial support

The high surface area of ®Siliz Bio is an excellent support development for purifying bacterial communities. ®Siliz Bio quickly transforms organic molecules.

Effect of ®Siliz Bio: mineralization of organic waste and reducing silt settlement.

  • Aquatic plants substrate

®Siliz Bio helps the development of root systems of water purifying plants. It gradually restores nutrients to plants stored and ensures the harmonious growth.

Effect of ®Siliz Bio: maintaining the equilibrium of the lagoon ecosystem.