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The large cation exchange capacity (CEC) of ®Siliz Cristal and ®Zeopool, combined with their cations affinity and their great adsorption of adsorptions make them unique materials in various types of water treatment.

®Siliz Cristal and ®Zeopool are materials that offer exceptional filtration capacity with lower mesh down 10 microns. This property added to their low density and low pressure loss in filtration mode make them first choice for mechanical filtration under pressure and high flow rate for the treatment of drinking water, sewage or industrial waters (®Siliz Cristal) or water filtration pool (®Zeopool).

One of the most promising applications of zeolites is the biological water treatment. Thanks to their large surface area and porosity, ®Siliz Bio, ®Siliz Epure or ®Siliz MFD are perfect bacterial nests. They advantageously replace sand, gravel, pozzolan and plastic substrates. They show far superior performance to these materials in terms of reduction of BOD5, COD and nitrification but also in terms of operating costs.

Our Products:

– ®Siliz Bio (natural swimming pools)

– ®Siliz Cristal (drinking water)

– ®Siliz Epure (sanitation)

– ®Siliz MFD (biological activator)

– ®Zeopool (swimming pools pressure filtration).