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Through its multidisciplinary team, SOMEZ has great potential that allows it to respond quickly and bring you relevant answers to the interface Nature/Culture.

Zeolites applications are constantly growing, zeolites specific needs as well. We offer a unique service that will give you access to many types of zeolites implemented depending on the features you want.

Our offer starts from laboratory to pilot scale.

We offer especially ultra- hydrophobic zeolites of type:

  • ZSM-5
  • Mordenite
  • Ferrierite

SOMEZ recognizes over 150 years of combined experience; it has a unique understanding of both the applications of natural zeolites and current or potential areas of operation.

Use this expertise coupled with our scientific expertise at your service to help you to complete your studies and projects incorporating zeolites.

Many institutions use our services for particular advisor in the following areas:

  • Nuclear,
  • Methods of air pollution control and water
  • Containment of soil.