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The main zeolite action lies in a significant increase in the cation exchange capacity (CEC).

With 10% zeolite amendment, it is possible to multiply by 10 the CEC of a sandy substrate and by 2.5 a sandy loamy soil.

Zeolite amendment contributes twice in reducing leaching: by direct binding of nitrogen in its non-oxidized forms (NH4+ exchange, adsorption of NH3 and other organic forms) and by encouraging the organization organic mineral intakes (fertilizers).

Zeolite acts as a permeable “Super Clay” that retains nitrogen and mineral nutrients in the vicinity of the roots and slowly releases it to the needs of the plant. This presents to a constant but rapid growth of the plant.

Zeolites do not capture water irreversibly; they act as a reserve in the vicinity of the roots. They can capture water according to their need. Zeolites can reduce the need for watering up to 30%.

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