Animal Nutrition Request Information

Addition of small amounts of finely ground Nutrizeo® in a nutritive diet has very positive effects on the livestock growth and health. Generally, we find:

  • An increase in the food efficiency that results in an increase in weight or, for equal weight, a decrease in the duration of rearing. Nutrizeo® acts as a digestive function regulator; especially it reduces the withdrawal effects.
  • A very significant improvement in the livestock health. The presence of alkali metal, alkaline earth and ferric cations has a prophylactic effect on the blood diseases. The bacteria retention and adsorption of toxins act positively on the gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Deodorizing excrement by fixing the ammonium (NH4+) results in an improvement of the environment quality and an increase of the manure value.

Our product:

– Nutrizeo®.