SILIZ CRISTAL® Request Information

®Siliz Cristal gets clogged much slower than sand and has a durability of several years

Comparison of Sand, Sand/Anthracite and ®Siliz Cristal.

Filtration media

Nominal filter size

Solids Loading Capacity

Sable (0,4×0,8mm)

~ 20 microns

1 X

Sable/Anthracite (1,4-1,5mm)

~ 15 microns

1,5 X

®Silz Cristal

~ 5 microns

3 X


  • Removal of water turbidity.
  • Prefiltration before activated carbon, resins, Reverse osmosis, Ozone …
  • Production of drinking water and bottled water.
  • Filtration of cooling towers waters.

Other features

  • Adapted to both pressure vessels and gravity flow beds.
  • Lighter bulk density than sand.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Adsorption of dissolved pollutants.
  • Reduces the backwash frequency by ~ 50%.


®Siliz Cristal is a direct replacement for sand in any kind offilter. Only the pressure of pumping must be reduced.