COLLOFILTRE® Request Information

®Collofiltre is a modified natural zeolite designed for the removal of manganese and colloidal iron from fresh water. ®Collofiltre is applied to the drinking water, water for aquaculture , aquariums, ornamental ponds and swimming pools.


®Collofiltre is a natural zeolite on which are fixed fine particles of manganese oxide which catalyze the oxidation of the manganese and iron present in water.

Manganese oxide particles facilitate the conversion of iron (II) in iron (III)which is less soluble and then removed by the zeolite media.

®Collofiltre allows a better oxidation of the water and thereby helps the removal of dissolved organic matter.

The natural zeolite which serves as support, keeps all of its properties: ammonium fixation and stabilization of pH and water hardness.


A water containing initially 1 to 5 ppm of iron and/or manganese may drop down to 0.1 ppm after treatment with ®Collofiltre.