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By its strong adsorption capacity, its large surface area and high exchange capacity, ZEOGRASS improves soil fertility by giving to the carrier properties comparable to those of the best volcanic soils.

Resistance to desiccation and decrease to the formation of felt ‘ are with the economies of water and fertilizer essential and lasting benefits conferred ZEOGRASS use in the management of sports fields and amenity.

These benefits are based on the zeolite properties, inorganic mineral product, so insensitive to the usual damage suffered by organic amendments in conventional farming conditions.


The amendment is practiced in a surface layer with a thickness between 5 and 10 cm. The quantities of ZEOGRASS use per square meter range from 1 to 6 kg depending on the pH, the exchange capacity of the soil, the water scarcity and especially the intensity of the planned assault.

Results on soil

Relief too heavy clay soils and blocking

ZEOGRASS opens passages for air and water, improving drainage and soak surface. In times of drought, it reduces cracking and facilitates wetting of the soil.

Localized water retention

Unlike some synthetic organic products and swelling clays, ZEOGRASS increases soil water adsorption capacity, without volume change. This property is particularly advantageous for sandy substrates where we can reduce water supply of a good third.

Effects on soil structure

ZEOGRASS opposes soil acidification by its buffering delay and the nitrification of ammonia nitrogen, allowing better conservation of soil structure.

Physicochemical benefits

ZEOGRASS increases the overall exchange capacity of the clay-humic complex.” Important nutrients are retained and balance with the soil solution. Evaporation and leaching slowed: they stay longer available to the roots.

Biological benefits

Bacteria found on the grain surface ZEOGRASS very attractive sites and quickly colonize ZEOGRASS: nitrophilous the bacteria convert ammonia nitrogen to nitrate which causes a delayed effect that regulates nitrogen nutrition turf; Soil bacteria contribute to the degradation of waste cuts, which greatly helps the phenomenon of felting”.

For horticulture, ZEOGRASS can be used in mixture with all types of substrates to improve the drainage and water retention qualities. Used pure, it represents the ideal substrate issues large or resent frequent repotting.

It comes in two sizes to fit better to the needs of plants

  • ZEOGRASS CH0306 (3-6 mm) for mature small subjects;
  • ZEOGRASS CH0618 (6-18 mm) for the biggest topics surfacing large planters.